Saturday, August 28, 2010

seed sowers in ottawa

john3v16 john3v16

The Canadian Seed Sowers took place in Ottawa this summer. This past week, approximately 120 young people delivered 100,000 Gospel texts to several neighbourhoods in the city of Ottawa. Absolutely incredible. We are praying the Lord blesses His written word to those who received this John 3:16 text, either in person or in their mailbox.

We've been driving out to the campsite each evening where they were all staying this past week. The evening schedule includes: ministry, campfire (singing and testimonies) and of course, dessert! It's been an absolute blessing to sit around the campfire at night, singing of our Saviour and listening to these young ones share their personal Christian testimonies. If you've never heard a testimony before, there is an amazing one on the 'Heaven 4 Sure' website. Here is the link. It is the testimony of the late Peter Orasuk - just click on the left were it says 'listen online'.

Lilah has loved every minute of her time at the campsite, even though she was only getting to bed at 11:30pm every night, she could talk of nothing else but going to "The Fire Camp" - her words.

One night (around the campfire) we were singing...

O happy day, that fixed my choice on thee, my Saviour and my God!
Well may this glowing heart rejoice, and tell its raptures all abroad.
Happy day, happy day, when Jesus washed my sins away!
He taught me how to watch and pray, and live rejoicing every day.
Happy day, happy day, when Jesus washed my sins away!

Lilah got the two words "Happy Day" out of all that and was singing them at the top of her voice. When we'd finished singing, Vinny leaned over and said to her, "Were you singing 'Oh Happy Day?" Without batting an eye she replied "It's 'Oh Happy Night'!"

Also, Lilah was very pleased to get her very own personalized copy of the Seed Sower text in our mailbox, from her Vinny Boy. I sticky tacked it up in her crib!

personalized seed sower text


  1. Sounds like fun... and a little taste of camping... maybe you should try it yet!

    Sounds like a huge event to be involved in. I hope it leads many more to Jesus!

  2. so sorry about your family loss. I am sure this is a difficult time for you all. You all have had to suffer two losses with your Granda Brown. I am sure that is tough to deal with.