Monday, August 2, 2010

holiday: halifax harbourwalk, nova scotia

We flew into Halifax late last night to begin our holiday in Nova Scotia.

Today we met up with Natalie and her four beauties .

Natalie and I first 'met' on our adoption agency's yahoo group. She was the very first person I met online, the very first person to congratulate me (online) on our referral of Lilah Grace. It was only a matter of days when she had the good news of her beautiful little Annawen. We were both over the moon excited. Lilah and Annawen's referrals had arrived into Children's Bridge in the same quarter batch of files. In fact, Lilah and Annawen were both misdiagnosed with "special needs" that weren't evident. We sure feel blessed with these little ones.

We had such a lovely time walking and talking along the Halifax waterfront, The Harbourwalk. The children had such an amazing time together, I think the pictures below say it all. We feel like we've known this family all our lives. The children were so warm and sweet and lovable, and they welcomed Lilah with open arms. It was most definitely one of the highlights of our holiday.

Thanks so much for arranging to meet up with us Natalie. It's so nice to put some reality into you and your little family and it was lovely for Lilah to meet Annawen in person too.

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