Wednesday, August 4, 2010

holiday: margaree, cape breton

Cape Breton - Margaree

Well, if the lush green is anything to go by on this pretty island, you can be sure of a little bit of rain once in a while. This morning we woke up to the pitter-patter of rain, not too much, more like a drizzle. Colin and Lilah put on their rain coats and headed out for a walk, down by the lake and beach, they arrived back a while later, soggy, but happy. Lilah had picked me a little bunch of wild flowers and she was very proud to hand them over - so sweet. Our cabin has a little wood stove, so Colin went out to the shed, got a few logs and lit it. It was lovely. We really didn't need it, it wasn't even cold, but it took the dampness out of the air and it was a fun novelty.

We then decided to head back up to a little area we passed yesterday, called Margaree. It's about a 50 minute drive from Baddeck and there's a little cafe there called The Dancing Goat that gets rave reviews from the locals, so you know us, mention the word food and we're there! It was all very delicious - we highly recommend it.

After lunch, the rain had just about stopped, so we decided to head over to the little harbour beach in Margaree, Lilah threw stones into the ocean, she calls them 'smooth stones' and then we flew the dollar store kite I'd brought along. It was the perfect end to our day in Margaree.


  1. Okay. I love the Baba/Lilah walk...the gorgeous place you stayed...and the rain.

    And little miss Lilah is rocking that adorable t-shirt and cardi! Love that too!

  2. You visit some of the most amazing locations and take the most beautiful photos of them. Seriously! Thanks for sharing them =).