Friday, August 6, 2010

holiday: flower girl for vince & ciela

Vince & Ciela's Wedding

Well today was the day that we traveled to Cape Breton for. The day Lilah has been talking about and wishing for since she was asked to be a flower girl several months ago by our dear friends Vince & Ciela... or as Lilah calls them "Binny Boy & Ce-ell-wa Dirl (girl).

Their wedding was beautiful, I mean absolutely gorgeous. The location was incredible, right out on the edge of a peninsula called Whale Cove Bluff. There was ice-cream served after the ceremony and Lilah has known about it for a few weeks, she was incredibly excited about the ice-cream. And have I mentioned the reception food yet? Well I don't even have words to describe it... the salad (and raspberries for the vinaigrette), potatoes, snow peas and carrots all came from Ciela's parents garden, they even raised their own chickens for the occasion. It was out of this world delicious.

Lilah did an amazing job, she was so focused walking up that isle and she had what we named 'her wedding smile'. As soon as we'd say, "Show us your wedding smile!", she would break out in a huge grin. I also want her to remember this sweet story, the evening before at the wedding rehearsal, she was walking slowly up the isle, Vinny was standing at the front of the tent and then he kneeled down and held out his arms for her. Well you can just imagine, she ran the last part of the isle at full speed right into his arms. Oh she adores her Binny Boy!

It was such an honour for Lilah to be a part of this beautiful wedding. Really, it makes me emotional thinking that they would ask her over others I'm sure they could have. She has been blessed and loved in so many ways by so many people.

Congratulations Vince & Ciela, you two make a really lovely couple. May the Lord bless you with many happy years together.


  1. What an incredibly beautiful wedding, and Flower Girl! Lilah really seemed to enjoy her role. =)

  2. Definitely the most beautiful flowergirl ever!

    These photographs are stunning. Were you the official photographer? If not, you certainly could have been with these amazing captures!

    Thanks for following my blog :)


  3. It all looks amazing. That flower girls of yours is so darn cute in that dress!

    The jam, cookies and ice cream, what an awesome touch!

    thank you, for sharing these pictures.


  4. What a beautiful wedding! Excellent photos!

  5. Beautiful! Love the colors!