Thursday, August 5, 2010

holiday: inverness, cape breton

Cape Breton - Inverness

There's something about being on vacation and close to the ocean. Really, there's nothing better than the ocean. It's one of the things we really miss, living in Ottawa. In Ireland we were always close to the water, with pretty much the same 'island feeling' as Cape Breton. We've got plenty of lakes in Ontario, but they don't even compare to a real beach, real sand and salty water.

So what do we do today? We went back to the ocean! The weather was fabulous and we have really learned the art of beach combing now. Today was a big breakthrough for Lilah, instead of checking out *our* finds, she was actually searching herself. The beach we were on today had lots of little pieces of sea glass and Lilah was searching searching for sea glass, she even had a little sing-song that went along with her searching. It went something like this... "Where are you sea glass? I know you're here. I'm going to find you!". And she was thrilled with every single little find.

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  1. Great beach photos of your sweet little family. Looks like you guys had a wonderful trip.