Thursday, August 26, 2010

she's growing up

water fun

Give our Lilah Gracie a watering can full of water and she could play for hours - with maybe a refill or two in between. Her imagination is exploding at the moment, she runs around chattering away to herself, making up stuff and stories like you wouldn't believe. She has SO MUCH confidence now, it really is beautiful to see her so full of confidence and trust.

This summer has made some big development changes in our girl.

With her confidence and trust, she has started expanding her circle of close friends. Up until a few months ago she just had a handful, but that has changed immensely over the past summer. She'll readily go into our friends and loved ones arms now. And she'll act quite silly with some of them, I notice it's the ones she knows better. She'll chatter away - answering questions and telling stories, some that even involve our family life!

Just last week all the c words that she used to pronounce with t. For instance crib was trib, car was tar, coffee was toffee, etc. Well, not any more. She says all those c words perfectly now. Just another sign that she is developing and growing up.

She has a profound understanding that I never thought was possible for a young 3 year old child. Like when I explained salvation to her and I explained the concept of money to her. It's like she totally gets it, you know, to a certain degree. She really does amaze me.

On one hand I absolutely love watching her develop. But on the other hand I'm really not so fond of this growing up business! I guess I should just be thankful that she still loves to be called, "Our Baby Girl".


  1. She is one smart little girl and they do seem to grow up so much from age 3 to age 4. What a great idea to put them on the deck with containers and a watering can! I love the pink one! If only the weather would warm up again!

  2. What a brilliant and wise and beautiful little soul. I know how you feel about the whole growing up business. It's an amazing thing to witness, but bittersweet at the same time. If only they could do it just a little bit more slowly..

    Gin =)

  3. Now that looks like TONS of fun!
    I love all the beautiful colors as well... my favorite is the one of her tiny hands holding the red starfish.
    Looks like a greeting card!