Thursday, July 15, 2010

wading pool, soccer and lots more!

We had a packed schedule yesterday. We went to Church in the morning to package seed sower texts. Then on the drive home, on a whim, we decided to drop by the wading pool, which would be why my sweet girl is wearing her Dora knickers as a swimming costume... terrible parenting moment! But, she had SUCH a wonderful time - it was worth the embarrassment! Then it was home, lunch, nap, pick up our neighbours at the airport, supper and then we were off to watch Baba play soccer. Pretty crazy, but fun day.

I took these pictures with my point and shoot. I have a love-detest relationship with my point and shoot camera. Love it because it's so handy and always there when I need it. Detest it because the quality sucks in comparison to my slr. Oh well, just being able to capture these fun moments is worth it, poor quality and all! I really imagined the quality would have been better though. Maybe I should just take a few minutes and read the instruction manual!


  1. At least your composition is still awesome and that makes a huge difference in your pictures! That wading pool looks like a lot of fun, even in her undies.

  2. I just stumbled onto your blog from Traci at Solo and the Wookie. Your daughter is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your life here. We brought our son home from China nearly a year ago. I love China adoption blogs!

  3. I love your photos... whether they are from a point and shoot or SLR. You are such a great photographer!!!! It is so fun stopping by your blog. I really enjoy reading about what you guys are up to, seeing your beautiful family, and photography.

    I agree totally on the love/hate relationship with the point and shoot. I love getting all the snapshots that I would otherwise miss out on.

    How fabulous that Lilah is swimming in her knickers.... as you saw on our blog the littles were swimming in their clothes. Seems those moments are the most fun!

    Thank you for all of your sweet comments on our blog!
    Such a blessing to know you!

  4. Looks like she had fun! Don't feel bad, I'd mistakenly thought I'd packed Kerry's swimsuit when we went to the water park the other day and she would have been running around in nothing but a swim diaper had they not happened to have a little shop with an adorable size 2T bikini.

    Gin =)

  5. Love the last shot, especially!