Thursday, July 22, 2010

first trip to the dentist

first dentist trip

Lilah had another 'first' yesterday.

The last time I was at the dentist for a cleaning they told me to bring Lilah to my next appointment so she could see the hygienist and get a little ride in the chair. So yesterday morning we did exactly that. The second we walked through the door Lilah opened her mouth and showed her teeth to the receptionist! Heh, just a little premature! She sat and watched me getting my teeth cleaned and then got the same treatment herself, she was pretty pumped about the whole experience and was more than thrilled with her new freebie flashing light crayola toothbrush.

The hygienist mentioned how her bottom teeth are pretty crowded, which is quite obvious, especially when I'm flossing them! And that they're showing some signs of wear from grinding, which she says is common in children. I grind in my sleep, so I can't talk. But other than that everything is good and because they're still her baby teeth, there is nothing they can do for either of these issues. Also, with her jaw still growing there is a chance the crowding might rectify itself by the time her permanent teeth arrive.

There are a couple more pictures here.


  1. Lilah did much better than EK... love the sunglasses!!! :)

  2. What a brave girl! And she somehow looks so grown up sitting in that dentist chair. She looks so cute in her sunglasses..guess that light was a bit too bright for her =).

  3. Anonymous22 July, 2010

    What a big girl! Isaiah grinds in his sleep too. Our next visit is soon so we'll see whay they say!

  4. I am just not the brave at the dentist! Good for her!


  5. The sunglasses are pretty funny looking. The hygienist actually told her to put them on again. She was still holding them from wearing them outside. I guess it is better than squinting with the bright light!

    The glasses I got to wear during my cleaning were nowhere near as trendy...they were the regular office pair. Maybe I'll ask to wear my own next time!! :)