Friday, July 16, 2010

oh how i adore her little speaks

precious girl

Me: "I love you my baby girl." Lilah: "I love you my big Mama girl."

Running over to look out the window: "I will see what the weather's called."

Walking downstairs with her doctors pad: "I'm writing a book, it says Jill Meaklim & Colin."

When I said I was going to mow the lawn: "I want to do some lawning too."

While playing with her little stuffed monkey: "He's just a wee cross man!"

Writing a 'letter' for Baba: "Baba's going to be sooo frilled (thrilled) with that writing."

While I'm cutting up fruit: "Can I do some knifing?"

During a conversation about what is in boobies: "Is there milk in your boobies Mama? There's juice in my boobies!"

Talking about the renovation and mudding that's going on in our house right now: "The boys did put cream all over my house walls."

Praying for Piggy a few nights ago: "Thank you God for Piggy, he's upside down right now." (I think she meant he wasn't feeling well!)

She says the word 'perfect' a lot now. Yesterday evening she was putting little clover flowers in my hair and each time she would stick one in she would clap her hands once and say "perfet". She says it without the letter c!

You know the rhyme/song that goes like this - 'It's raining it's pouring the old man is snoring...he can't get out of bed without a sleepy head in the morning', well Lilah sings it like this: "It's raining it's pouring the snowman is roaring...etc"

One night this week after I prayed for her soul to be saved when she was young. She prayed after me, "For Mama's soul, for Baba's soul, for my soul, for Piggy's soul, for blanket's soul, for crib's soul, for China's soul". I guess I shouldn't use words she doesn't understand, without explaining them first!

We play hide & seek a lot around the house now. She loves this game and chooses the same hiding spot every time! She loves to count (to 10) and afterwards she'll come looking for me saying "Ready or not, ready or not!". And when I'm counting she'll say "You don't peek me!", or in other words, no peeking!


  1. This post put the biggest smile on my face! These moments are so precious to remember!

    Miss Lilah says the cutest things... I could read these all day!

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. oh i love her prayer, a prayer for the soul of a whole country... we should ALL be praying that same prayer, right here!

    isn't it so adorable how our kids speak? i fear i'll forget how M-n-M says certain things, i should be writing them down.

  3. That's adorable! Juice--Haha!

  4. I love how she picks up your Irish way of wording things. She is so full of personality. What wonderful memories.