Friday, July 2, 2010

the sandbanks, day one

picton, sandbanks

Well today we did exactly what we'd promised Lilah, we headed down to the sandbanks beach for the day. I don't think we've ever had as nice weather here before - the sun beat down and there was a wonderful breeze that kept us all nice and cool. We sat pretty far back in the soft sand as Lilah loves getting buried in the sand and it is a more shaded area. She enjoyed paddling in the water pulling her little boat behind her and playing with her little fishing net she bought in the dollar store yesterday. She was also invited to join with the group sitting next to us, it was their daughter's 4th birthday party. Lilah got to dig for treasure and was given all sorts of nice little pressies. Lucky girl.

It was a super day and we finished it off at our favourite little fish & chip shop in Picton, called Schooners. Fresh halibut and shrimp were both on the menu. Oh so yummy! Oh yes, and we had homemade ice-cream too, in a little ice-cream shop in Bloomfield. Lilah had banana & strawberry flavour and Colin and I had rhubarb & ginger flavour, yummy-yummy!


  1. Oh great pictures! The beach is so much fun! Rhubarb Ginger Icecream!!
    Yum! I have never heard of such a thing. Hope you are having a wonderful time on your holiday:)

  2. Wow, the photos are amazing! Not a cloud in the sky either.... I love the beach and this whole area just sounds so quaint.

  3. What a fun summer day! Love the hat on Lilah.

  4. these pictures are simply stunning

    what great shots and a fun trip

  5. Beautiful photos! I love Lilah's little swimsuit and hat. Oh how I wish I could be at the beach right now.

    Gin =)