Saturday, July 3, 2010

the sandbanks, day two

sandbanks beach

We didn't plan on going to the beach today again, but the weather was so amazing we did just that!

We went a little later because there are a few things that we have to do in Picton, they are a must! One is visit the bakery, where tea is served in a china teapot along with sugar cubes! Really, who uses sugar cubes nowadays? ...other than the Queen. Lilah enjoyed 'building towers' with them. And she may even have eaten one, just maybe! The selection of pastries and breads are always second to none in this little bakery.

It isn't obvious that we are all about the food is it? ...keep reading, you might change your mind!

For supper this evening we went to 'The Painted Peppercorn'. Everything on the menu is homemade, right down to the choice of vinaigrette. The lady even told us that the raspberry vinaigrette was made with the raspberries from her own garden. We had lentil curry with samosas, delicious. And the deep dish peach and blueberry pie - well I can't even begin to describe it. No sweeteners added, just naturally yummy.

In and around all that eating we did actually go to the beach today. I have posted the evidence below. You'll see sandcastles with broken seashell 'sprinkles' and Dora the Explorer's 'mud mountain'! Colin also got the little trike out for Lilah and tied a piece of string onto it so he could pull her along the beach, through water and all. Let's be honest, he's glad he brought it out for the last hour, because otherwise she'd have had him pulling her around all day long. And Baba can't easily say no, which he likes to remind me, you know, when *I* asked him to marry me. Heh! It sure was a fun day at the beach.

I forgot to mention that we dropped into the dollar store today and I got Lilah a much longed for water pistol. (Our neighbours children have one and Lilah actually asked me if I'd buy her one sometime - I don't think she's ever asked me to buy her anything before, so I kinda felt obliged!) Well what was I thinking? She actually knows how to work that thing. There is a picture below of her pointing it at me, and yes, it hit my camera lens dead on! I think she thought it was rather funny having two adults run away from her soakings!


  1. So much fun! The rope and trike is a great idea! And the restaurant sounds amazing, it is making me hungry! Great shot of her with the water gun, right before it hit your lens.

  2. Looks like a great time! I like the water gun shot!

  3. What a great Baba! The trike looks like a blast! The food sounds delish, I think your holiday sounds just perfect!

  4. Love the little sand castles!

  5. Looks like much fun was had by all! Mmm, the food does sound so good. Funny, we're all about the food around here too!

  6. Gorgeous photos! Lilah looks like she's a natural at the beach!