Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"i'm reading the bible"

This morning...
Me: "Lilah, you're very quiet, are you okay, what are you doing?" (she was downstairs, I was upstairs)
Lilah: "I'm reading the Bible Mama. I love my pink Jesus Bible."
Then she starts singing, "Yes Jesus loves me. Jesus Bible tells me so."

She makes my heart sing!

And speaking of the Bible, here are the verses Lilah has learned by heart this past year, her first year of Sunday School: September '09 - June '10, age 2&3.

"Seek ye the Lord" - Isaiah 55:6
"Thou God seest me" - Genesis 16:13
"For by grace are ye saved through faith" - Ephesians 2:8
"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet" - Psalm 119:115 (She says the word 'underto' instead of 'unto')

Lilah loves Sunday School and she adores her Sunday School teacher, Janet. She is always telling us that Janet is her special friend and she prays for her faithfully every night.


  1. Yeah Lilah! It is awesome to see her drawn to the Bible already.

  2. You take a might fine picture!


  3. I love it! How neat that she's drawn to the Word already. We've recently started adding Kerry's childrens Bible to her bedtime story routine.

    Gin =)

  4. awwhh, Jill!!!...this is truly one of my most favorite "lilah" posts EVER!! How truly PRECIOUS in HIS sight she is...such a little treasure! A very priceless moment, indeed. SO CUTE!!!

  5. SOOOO precious this post is and her love of God!

  6. she puts the A in ADORABLE.

    and she's so far ahead of me on bible reading :)