Saturday, July 24, 2010

a clown cupcake and an anniversary

Yesterday marked our 11th wedding anniversary.

It's the first year I actually forgot about it. And if I forgot about it, you can be assured my husband did too! It wasn't until I had to date something at around 5pm that I thought to myself, hmm that date seems familiar! So that goes to show how crazy our life is right now. This summer has been a constant non-stop of Church activities, house renovations and life in general. Anyhow, we went out to our favourite Indian restaurant for supper and celebrated. It was lovely.

I married an amazing man, he is most definitely at the top of my 'Many Blessings List'!

Earlier in the day, Lilah and I were out grocery shopping in a store we don't often visit and we spotted these very sweet little clown cupcakes. They were just too cute to pass up! Do you think Lilah was thrilled with the cupcake? Yeah, no kidding!

I have to make mention of the dress Lilah is wearing in these photos. We went to Mexico for a vacation the month before we received Lilah's referral, and when we were there Colin, yes Baba boy, bought Lilah this sweet little dress. It's the first piece of clothing he's ever bought her and probably it'll be the last, since he's not a clothes shopper! So this dress is pretty special. She wore it for the first time today.


  1. Anonymous24 July, 2010

    Happy 11th wedding anniversary to a special couple.Sorry I forgot! Things have been a little crazy around here too!!
    LOVE the cupcake and the pretty little lady eating it! The clown looks to cute. sandj xxxooo

  2. Happy Anniversary. And, that cupcake looks yummy!


  3. Jill, you made me laugh out loud! My husband Rob and I will celebrate 13 years on August 9th and last year we both totally forgot too! Three years ago we were in China meeting our Lily and we were very aware that we were celebrating 10 years in a pretty special way. I think ever since then, life with 3 little ones has taken over!

    Does Lilah enjoy Indian food? Glad you could celebrate!

  4. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! I know how easy it for these dates to slip your mind with a toddler in your life. Doug actually had to remind me that ours is coming up in a few days..oops..guess I need to pick up a card, least. I love her special little dress, and she looks georgeous in orange!

    Gin =)

  5. That cupcake and Miss Lilah are simply delicious!
    Happy Anniversary to you guys!!!!!!

  6. Your little girl is adorable! I love these close-ups! I scrolled down, though, and enjoyed ALL your photos!

  7. Odd coincidence...we just celebrated our 11th anniversary on July 24th (the day you made this post). Happy Anniversary :)

  8. Happy Anniversary. You must live around some great bake shops. Everything looks so tasty! Love the orange dress.