Monday, April 26, 2010

tulips galore

The tulips have arrived in full bloom really early this year. I mean, really really early. The Canadian Tulip Festival runs from May 7-24 and it's the special 65th anniversary edition. But because of the wonderful early spring we've been having, I doubt there'll be too many tulips left standing for the actual festival!

This morning Lilah and I took a walk down to see them. Sigh. I love tulips. There's just something about them that appeals to me. There was just one problem, my battery pack ran out and I forgot the back-up. I know, it's not the first time that's happened. Lilah was quite thrilled, I'm sure, since it meant she got her (promised) ice-cream ahead of schedule!

And get this, tomorrow the weather forecast is calling for rain showers or wet flurries, a low of 1°C and a minus windchill, of course. What is going on? I'm glad I got a few pictures of the tulips today. Now I'm away to bring in the beautiful geranium hanging basket that I bought earlier, in Costco. Crazy weather!

tulips galore tulips galore tulips galore tulips galore tulips galore tulips galore tulips galore tulips galore tulips galore

[ more pictures here ]


  1. Stunning pictures, like always Jill! And your model is the cutest little thing ever:0)

  2. I think I need to move to Ottawa. Love the textures!!! Where did you find that one? I have been trying a few off of flickr and it is fun, just need the right photograph. The tulips are beautiful (my favorite flower!) and of course, the model is also!

  3. ooohhh, such HAPPY can't help but smile when looking at so many beautiful and bright tulips... and then and extra smile when Miss Lilah appears in the photos. LOVE the neat!


  4. stunning pictures

    i love tulips also but you lilah is the most beautiful flower of them all

  5. Love the tulips as well. Beautiful pictures of Lilah. You guys live in such a beautiful city, we have friends who we visit there a few times a year.

  6. Beautiful tulips, beautiful little girl! We're from a tulip growing region too, and I think our tulips might be a bit "done" when Tulip Time starts in Holland, MI this weekend! I'm taking the girls on Friday hoping for some pretty flowers anyway...