Saturday, April 24, 2010

stories and stuff about lilah

Easter Dress from Nono & Papie Easter Dress from Nono & Papie Easter Dress from Nono & Papie

After she puts her hands into her pockets, she’ll look up at us and ask “You want do it? You want be tool (cool) like me?”.

She can’t wait to grow up and talks a lot about each of the following: “Do (go) to school”, “Dive (drive) the tar (car)”, “Signed the receipt”. On the other hand she constantly reaffirms that she's still our baby girl and she just melts when we say "Oh yes, you're our baby girl and we love you so much".

When we ask her if she wants something, she’ll answer and then say “And you?”. Like the other day when I asked her if she wanted a drink, she replied “Yes pease, and you?”.

If she did something that wasn’t so good and I tell her it wasn’t very nice or not so good. After a few minutes she’ll ask me “You happy now?”.

She wants to help me all the time. Wow, the helper phase is hard work. I can't even put on my clothes without her helping me. I am not complaining because I do love having her at my side while I cook supper. She stirs and whisks and chops! And always wants to see what goes into the saucepan! That part is definitely easier than her helping me put on my tights!

If she hurts herself and I say “Aww, I’m sorry Lilah”, she’ll say “It’s otay (okay), chair did it” or whatever the object is that she banged into or fell over. It’s her little way of saying, it’s not your fault!

Whenever we go out to the shopping mall or even just for a walk down the street, she’ll announce “I’m hungy (hungry)” without fail. She LOVES eating out and even if she’s just had dinner or a snack she can still manage to stuff a bit more food in! I might add she’s an amazing girl when we eat out and she really enjoys those experiences. We go to a Thai restaurant (just up the street from where we live) quite often and the waitress is called Grace - she’s the owners daughter. If I say we’re going out for Thai food, Lilah will ask me “We doeing (going) to Dacie’s (Grace’s) house?”. She must think Grace lives there!

She still loves her midday nap and sleeps for 2-3 hours every afternoon. She even tells me when she needs to go to the crib, which is usually between 1pm and 2pm. She says “I’m tied (tired) Mama” and sometimes she’ll blame something for being tired. She’ll say something like “Shopping makes me tied (tired)!” or “Parkt (park) makes me tied (tired)!”.

She is so over Dora the Explorer and after a 3 month hiatus has got a new buddy, his name is Franklin. I bought two Franklin movies a couple of weeks ago and she gets to watch one every second day or so. She really enjoys the little stories and I can hear her laughing during them. It's a good sign, I think!

Her final upper second molar broke through the gum last week. Phew!

She has a map of the world placemat and can point and tell us where she was born (in China), where Mama & Baba were born (in Ireland), where we live (in Canada) and where Auntie Lorraine, Jemma & Laura live (in Australia). When I ask her where Auntie Lorraine, Jemma & Laura live, she doesn’t actually say Australia, she says “Kangaroo”!

She really loves Friday playgroup. On the drive to it she will rhyme over and over, "I'm so excited! You excited too Mama?" Open Door Society (ODS) is a playgroup we’ve attended since Feb ‘09. It's made up of families that have been brought together by adoption, most of the children that attend are adopted. There are children from Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, Ethiopia, USA, Canada, etc. I think it's pretty wonderful that Lilah gets to play and grow up in this environment. She has a lot of little friends and she's pretty excited to see them every week.

She is VERY excited to be turning three in another month. Last year she had no idea what was going on, but this year, oh yeah, she knows! She tells me on a daily basis, “I’m donna (going to) be 3 soon”. She also sings the “Happy Birthday” song a lot! And I think she's made the final decision on what birthday cake she'd like. She and I were checking some pictures out with google images recently. Fun fun fun!


  1. I love your posts like this one! What a wonderful way to remember all the precious little things that she does day to day.

    Birthdays are a big thing around here right now too. It must be a princess cake... and I am asked daily if it is THE day yet! We have 3 birthdays in our house in the next 3 weeks....

    I am glad to know your Lilah sleeps like she does. I sometimes worry my Lilah sleeps to much! I guess she is not the only one!


  2. I love the Lilah stories! She has the sweetest little heart, and boy is she smart! It's good to know that my girl isn't the only one who naps for 2 hours or more every day. I can't believe Lilah is almost 3 years old already!

    Gin =)

  3. I hear you on the birthdays Paige!

    Lilah was at one for her little friend from playgroup yesterday. Mine is May 2nd, Colin's is May 23rd and Lilah's is May 29th.

    AND Mother's Day is in May too.

    Sounds like a very fun cake-eating gift-giving month!


  4. Wonderful post! your Lilah is just adorable!

    I love that Lilah knows all those countries - WOW! We have a globe and my children love to point to all the places we are from and have lived.

    I hope we find a fun multi cultural group like you have when we leave here - what an amazing way for Lilah to grow up!

    As always your photos are just gorgeous :)

    ps we live in the Sydney area and visited Cairns in December - WOW! you have to go visit your sister there, it is just amazing!!

  5. Loved the anecdotes, Jill! Very sweet!

  6. I love how you are saving these memories of Lilah as she is now! It is too easy to forget how they used to say something or their little antics! Wow 3! I have been following your blog since before you went to doesn't seem that long ago! My Miss Riley
    has a birthday in May as well, and we have been trying to decide on a cake also;0) Have fun with all your party plans!

  7. Love these adorable little Lilah-dotes:) She is so cute.