Friday, November 2, 2012

the pumpkin farm

We visited Miller's Pumpkin Farm this day last week. (I know, I've been laging lately - I used to be pretty good at blogging, on time!)

Anyway, it was 25 degrees. I mean really, those kinda temperatures don't happen too often around here, in October. Colin had the day off work and shhhh, don't tell anyone, we kept Lilah home from school! Believe me, she was still "learning" at the pumpkin farm... and having fun too. A lot of fun!

On the walk over to the pumpkin field, Baba had his two girls in a wagon running them down a little hill. They were shrieking with laughter. This Baba sure knows how to entertain his little girls.

I love my husband and our little family. Since bringing our little Phebe pumpkin home from China, you know I've always felt incredibly blessed, but now I can't even find the words to express how I'm feeling. It is a overwhelming joy, love, thankfulness, all mixed up into a very blessed Mama. And I know my husband feels the same, recently he said to me: "Can it really be this good?" I think he was pinching himself at the same time!

: choosing a pumpkin : playing in the hay : taking care of little sister : throwing leaves : eating candy apples : wagon rides

All that fun at the farm. And we ended the day with a picnic and two sleeping girls!

Yes, I have been blessed, beyond words. Thank you Lord.


  1. Love the photos! I have every intention of visiting our pumpkin farm each year and it never seems to happen, or winter hits early like this year!!!

  2. Oh, those two could not be any sweeter together! These photos are just georgeous and just scream Fall..the colors, the pretty

  3. These photos just melt my heart. The colors are so rich, and your girls are simply beautiful. What precious memories you capture of them, Jill. You are all so blessed. Makes me smile inside.