Monday, November 26, 2012

'tis the season, for snowsuits!

My little Lilah was SO thrilled to see our first snow of the season, this morning.

Lilah is on the verge of being obsessed about being warm, REALLY warm, maybe even hot! Don't get me wrong, she loves the snow and cold weather, as long as she is VERY warm while out in it! So yes, it was the first thing she said when she saw the snow and she was thrilled that she could finally wear her snowsuit and snowboots to school today! She's been asking for weeks now!

And Phebe didn't know what to think of her sister lying in the snow, flapping her arms and legs, making a snow angel!

first snowfall of the year first snowfall of the year first snowfall of the year


  1. They look adorable and cozy warm in their cute snowsuits. They don't sell suits like that here..just snow "bib" overalls.

    Gin =)

  2. My kids love the snow and winter too, but how is Phebe's skin doing? Maybe we are drier out here in the West, but poor Silas' skin and lips are a mess!

  3. LILAH GIRL!!!! so cute!! she'll be so excited in april when she doesn't have to wear it anymore!! haha. but i'm with her, i was sooo excited about the snow!! annie is too small for her snowsuit...eek!! haha. hopefully we can keep her warm with blankets. thankfully she's not into snow angels just yet!

  4. Those snow suits look nice and toasty. We have a light dusting of snow here, not as much as you guys (for now).

  5. Those snowsuits are the best! I love how cheery they look. What little cuties in the snow.