Friday, November 30, 2012

a month-in-photos : november

November. I blinked and it was gone.

I would say it was a pretty boring month, but nothing is ever boring with kids!

We had our first snow this month and Lilah was so thrilled - she made her first snow angel - even though her sister thought she was crazy! She turned 5.5 this month and glowingly told me it was the age she always wanted to be - there were cupcakes, but no pictures, because yes, we were all sick this month! It wasn't pretty, we're just thankful it's over now. During one of her getting-better-after-being-sick days, I pulled the girls little tree out of the basement and Lilah hung all the decorations on it. She had plenty of fun at two different birthday parties this month and came home looking like a tiger from one of them! Her sister and her are really finding their groove and enjoy having fun together, sometimes loving each other and sometimes tormenting each other, in a nice way, of course! Chilly days means more time spent indoors and our little bookworm has been enjoying her books this month. And finally, one of Mama's favourite moments in life, watching her little girl sleep.

Can you even believe it - only one more month left of 2012?!

November 2012


  1. Great shots! It's going to be a great Christmas this year!

  2. Love these shots of your beautiful,special Lilah.

    Gin =)