Saturday, November 3, 2012

a month-in-photos : october

Oh Fall! How I love thee!

There is something splendid about Fall. I'd happily say it's the most wonderful time of the year - my favourite in fact. I love Fall clothes, layers of sweaters and jackets and boots and scarfs. I love hot drinks, tea, hot apple cider and my favourite, lattes! I'm not so fond of pumpkin spice lattes though... I know, I'm odd like that. But I do love the look of pumpkins and chrysanthemums and all the colours of Fall! I'd happily live somewhere where it is Fall all year round.

Have I mentioned I love Fall?!

It's been a brand new Fall around here. A Fall with two kiddies! And because of that, we've been doing some new things - like taking a weekly trip to the library. You know we never did that before. I know. Hangs head in shame. That's probably why we have sooo many (bought) books in our house! Lilah's school has a book catalogue that comes out monthly and we usually buy 2 or 3 books each month. So yes, it's getting a little cramped around here!

Lilah also started her second year of skating lessons and boy does she love skating. Oh yes she does. She is very proud of her accomplishments and was thrilled that Phebe got to come along and watch her on her first lesson of the season. She loves to show off her skills to her little sister Phebe.

And there was the usual running through leaves, throwing leaves, collecting (the biggest!) leaves, playing with sticks, a visit to the pumpkin patch and of course, drinking hot chocolate... listen to this, she's had hot chocolate in many little coffee shops along the way, BUT... she tells me that Mama makes the best hot chocolate in the whole wide world! Ohhh, that girl, she knows exactly what to say, to give me the warm and fuzzies! I haven't told her my secret recipe, how I make it purely with half and half cream! Oh yeah, any wonder it's delicious!

Fall. You're slipping away quickly this year. We're going to miss you. Seriously.


  1. We love Fall too but it seems to pass by so quickly!! We have loved all your updates..both girls are so adorable and you can tell that Lilah is the most wonderful big sister:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Janice

  2. I love Fall too... but now it is gone! Love the photos and the colors and the light in each one!

  3. I love everything about Fall! Well, maybe everything except the fact that it precedes Winter. Love the photo collage and that girl of yours..and, yes, hot cocoa is always better with milk or cream =)

  4. Jill, somehow I think you will ALWAYS remember this fall in particular (the first as a family of 4!) sound so happy and complete.

    I'm loving Autumn too this year, and kind of sad to see it disappear. We go to our annual Guy Fawkes Bonfire and Fireworks Party tonight and once that's over, I officially start my Christmas Shopping!!!

    Ps Going to try your hot chocolate tonight when we come home....with or without mini mallows???!!

  5. This is a beautiful set of photos! I love that you do this monthly; I would love to do this also, could you please tell me what settings you use in flickr to get them in the set? I can't figure it out?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Glinda - I use fd flickr toys to make the mosiac ( )and then I use PicMonkey ( )to add the frame and text! Hope this helps! Jill :)

  6. Thank you so much Jill; I will give those a try!