Tuesday, November 27, 2012

tummy bug

sleeping off the tummy bug

The tummy bug arrived in our house today. It's going around. I was happy to hear this particular bug only lasts 24 hours.

It scares me when Lilah gets sick. We were half-way to school when she looked at me and said her belly felt sick - she immediately fell limp into my arms, her eyes rolled into her head and she lost her colour.

Oh my.

She's only been sick once before and she did the exact same thing. It scares me to death. So I carried her home... and pushed the stroller. Any more episodes like this and I'm going to need to start entertaining the idea of going to the gym!

Thankfully she recovered pretty fast. And when I told her she should eat bland food for a day or two, she asked me why, I explained the reason and she said... "Is that for real life?"


  1. They are so precious sleeping side by side!
    Jill, you have such a pretty house. So many soothing colors and lovely wood floors and moldings
    ~Lindy D.

  2. Hope everyone feels better soon. Seems to be going around. Have to say that the picture is adorable, even if they are sick!

  3. Poor little pets.........I hope they feel better soon.

    Both Gracie and me had something similar last week and it lasted just 24 hours for us too.

    It's horrible seeing your children unwell. Lets hope they are up and aboutsoon, after all they have to help you put your Christmas Tree up!

  4. Hope they're feeling all better now. It can be a little scary when they go down so fast like that, and it's certainly no fun.

    Gin =)