Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a few words from the wise!

: "I'm not Lilah... your daughter is at school. I'm the mail poster."

: "I'm getting all my teddybears to bring with me to bed, because I just can't live without them!"

(walking through the mall one day)
lilah: "What's that smell?"
me: "I think it's Subway."
lilah: "Really? It smells like give up, like that time I gave up on the plane!" (she calls throw up, give up!)
(And it really did smell gross, I couldn't argue with her!)

: Talking while colouring one day. "See me Mama? I'm pinching my pencil, that's how you hold your pencil. Diane told me to do that, she told me to pinch the pencil. She's a smart girl, I don't want her to die, ever!"

: As she was walking upstairs one night, she turned to me and shouted: "See ya in a minute, crocodile!" I guess that's a new twist on 'see ya later alligator - in a while crocodile'...which is a phrase I say to her!

me: "Lilah, what would you like for lunch?"
lilah: "Fried rice please."
me: "Sorry, Baba took the rice for lunch, so you'll have to think of something different."
lilah: "Well, you decide, because I don't have anything else left in my head!"

: She told me one day this week: "I love you forever in my whole life."

baba: (joking) "Tell Mama she needs to smack your bum tonight before putting you in bed!"
lilah: (stretches arms out and in an exasperated voice says) "Let's NOT say that to Mama. Just put it out-of-your-mind!"

: She uses the word "everlasting life" to mean a long long long time. Like tonight I overheard her telling her stuffies "I'm going to love you for everlasting life!"


  1. Lilah looks so grown up in these pictures. I always love your photos, you have such a great talent for picture taking.

  2. I want Miss. Lilah's wardrobe! I love her hair these days. It seems to have really grown. She is an adorable, witty, clever little girl ! ! !


  3. She makes me laugh... all these comments she makes... all the time! What a girl.

  4. she is wise beyond her years...and i'm glad she is enjoying been a 4 year old! i can take some lessons from her, ha ha! and yeah, i love how she styles her hair these days!

  5. Have you heard that Irish saying "She has been here before"? Well, Lilah sure has!!! Ps I walk by Subway every morning on my way to work and your girl is right......Im afraid Im always going to think of "giving up" when I pass by now :D

  6. Lilah never ceases to make me smile with the things she says!! She is so funny, smart, and seems already to have a unique and creative mind. Love these photos, too.

    Gin =)

  7. I love it, these always make me smile!

  8. So cute! Especially love the middle photo!