Saturday, February 4, 2012

some more lilah speaks

bed bouncer

When I picked her up from her last day of kindercare before Christmas, she said to me: "I told my friends I have to go to Ireland, because my cousins are waiting for me. I really do, it's REALLY true!"

"I love you so much Mom. It makes me want to kiss you."

Overheard Lilah having this two way conversation with Piggy one day: "Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. If you don't, I don't care, I'll pull down your underwear! - Wait? Is that being cheeky? Nooo Piggy, it's just a joke!"

Obviously trying to comprehend the whole Santa thing one day, she asked: "Does Santa die when he gets older?"

During snuggles one morning she had her feet on me, warming them! She said: "I have magic in my feet to give you love."

One day when we were out driving, she said to me: "When I was a baby in my Mama's belly, I dreamt about you. I dreamt you were coming to get me."

Walking around with a sheet over her head, pretending to be a ghost one day, she suddenly took the sheet off her head and asked: "Can ghosts not see?"

Counting her money one day:
me: "Wow Lilah, you have a lot of money! What would you like to buy with it?
lilah: "Well, I don't know... I was thinking that I could just give it to you."

"When I was born I fell in love with my blankie."

After accidently calling Baba 'Mama' one day, Baba jokingly said "What? Did you just call me Mama?" She replied: "Well, you guys kinda look alike!"

"Piggy's only 2 (years old) now, he turned back to the start! First he was 10 and now he's 2!"

"Pretend I'm a stealer... Oops, I mean robber!"

As she was hugging with me one night, she said: "The love of my heart is yours."

And last but not least, the million dollar question! After hearing the Baby Jesus story at Christmastime, she asked: "How does a baby get in your belly?"

bed bouncer!


  1. oh're in trouble mama LOL! but she is still soooo cute!

  2. The love of her heart is yours? How can you even get any sweeter than that?! I just adore the pictures oh Lilah jumping on her bed - oh, that fabulous light in her room!!!!

    I love your collages like your Month in review - do you use a certain program to create those?

    :) Enjoy the snow!!!! We just got our first really good snowfall today!!!

  3. My favorite Lilah speaks: "The love of my heart is yours."

    Simply precious.

  4. Isnt she so clever? Love :)

  5. Such a funny girl! I love her top and duvet. They match! Adorable this girl!


  6. She has one big heart and a mind that never stops! Too sweet!

    So what was the answer to that last question???

  7. Oh that Lilah is one sweet girl.... just love to hear the wonderful things that she says!!!

    I am also curious how you answered the last question.....

  8. Oh my, didn't you just melt about her dreaming up you while she was in her Mama's tummy....and all of the love in her heart is yours! I LOVE reading her conversations...they make me giggle!

  9. Oh that sweet girl of yours! I always love hearing the funny, smart, and sweet things she comes up with. That last question a doozy, would love to know how you responded to that one...or if you steered her on to another subject 'til later like I probably would have, hee hee.

    Gin =)