Wednesday, February 8, 2012

little moments

I love capturing little moments in time. I know lots of people like to capture faces, more portrait style shots and I like those too. But my favourite shots are the ones where you can see the whole scene, those wide angle shots with plenty of background detail, they seem to set the tone better... which explains why I rarely use my 85mm, preferring my 50mm and 28mm more.

Yesterday, just before I snapped this picture, I overheard Lilah telling Ricky (the dog that used to be called Buckle, but was recently renamed!) that they were on a boat. She had the little heart floor mat up on the bed and the two of them were sitting on it. I love overhearing the adventures she and her snugglies get up to. She was so caught up in the moment, she didn't even know I had snapped her picture through the bedroom door.

I want to remember these precious little moments forever.

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons. ~Author Unknown


  1. I love beautiful poignant portraits, but am trying to capture more "in the moment" photos now... which is much more difficult!

    Lovely photo.

  2. what a sweet little heart she has.

    This is a beautiful shot and captures that moment so well.


  3. What a precious moment to capture!!! Beautiful!

  4. I finally got a 50 mm lens so I'm planning to experiment more with this style as well. But my problem is my messy house!!! It's hard to capture spontaneous moments when your house (MY house, that is) is a complete disaster.

    One of the things I love so much about your photography is your ability to so naturally capture Lilah going about her day and having her little adventures.