Friday, February 24, 2012

she said what?

: "Some people are born before you, so that's why they're older than you."

lilah: "What does your t-shirt say Mama?"
me: "Banana Republic."
lilah: "Banana? Ahahhahahahaahaaaaaaa, that's a funny thing for your t-shirt to say!"

: Showing me some of her artwork: "Doesn't this picture look 'credible?" (incredible!)

: "Did you know white shines in the dark? Well, I'm pretty sure it does, because I can see my wardrobe in the dark at night time."

: "Mama! Don't say flippin or you'll get set out in a chair!"

Talking to Baba one evening at bedtime:
lilah: "Baba, who's your birth mother?"
baba: "Na's my birth mother"
lilah: "Na?? Na had YOU in her belly??"

me: "We had a fire bell at work today."
lilah: "Oh. For real"
me: No, there wasn't a fire, just smoke or something."
lilah: Well, we had a firebell at school one day, it wasn't for real either, just a practice one."

: Talking to her stuffed animals one day: "No secrets. My Mom & Dad don't like secrets. Please don't whisper in my ear."

: Are you sad about that Mum? Get over it. You'll get over it!"


  1. She is a funny girl.

    I love the flippin' remark. Too cute.

  2. oh my! she says the darndest things (can i say that or is that too much like flippin?). her earlier comment about whether or not ghosts can see (after putting a sheet over her head, i presume) had me in stitches when i read it a while back! it left such an impression that i spoke of it with my husband just last night and i had to stop and think if it was something my littlest had said or not! after a long dramatic pause, i remembered that perhaps it was a lilah-ism... oh my! my kids better start getting some of their own material! enjoy your trip to warmer climes...

  3. the banana replubic one is funny =)

  4. Good to know you will always "get over it!". And the funniest part is that she IS right! ;)