Sunday, February 5, 2012

valentine's day preparations!

Initially I had no plans for Lilah's school friends on Valentine's Day. Not until I received the email from her teacher (two weeks ago) that stipulated all the rules and regulations for children who plan to give out Valentine's Day cards!

For example: 1) If your child is participating, every child in the class must get one, not a select few - so there are no crying children! 2) Cards must not be addressed to each individual child, but rather the card should only say who it's from, so they're easy to deliver = no crying teacher! 3) Each child has a designated day to bring in their cards for the class, over a 4 day period.


When I read that email I thought to myself, 'Oh my dear, JK'ers obviously take this whole Valentine's Day thing very seriously! Jill, you better get your crafty brain, err, I mean crafty search engine in gear!' And an hour or so later, after much oohing and aahing, I finally decided on this idea... wonderfully easy I might add!

: Take a picture of your child holding out their hand in a fist, as if they're giving you something.
: Photoshop some writing onto the photo, if you wish. I used Picnik.
: Get them developed (4x6 at Costco are 16 cents each).
: Buy a big bag of mini suckers (at Zellers).
: Make two slits on the photograph with your exacto knife (above and below the hand).
: Attach sucker - in through top hole, out through bottom hole.

Ta daaa! It really was that easy! ...and they are so cute. Now we're all ready for Valentine's Day!



  2. Sooo lovely!!!
    I'll copy your idea if you don't mind...

  3. Love that idea! Too bad we already purchased our princess cards...

  4. What a wonderful idea... Would love to recieve one from such a sweet valentine(:

  5. This is the cutest valentine's idea ever! Very creative. We just did valentine's cards today but we did not get that ambitious. Might have to steal this idea for next year.

    Gin =)

  6. OH MY WORD!!!! SO CUTE!!! thanks for sharing.

  7. Those are SOOOO cute...We just did our Valentine's but I would love to do those next year... GREAT Idea!!!!!

  8. These turned out great!! I saw this idea on Pinterest (or somewhere???) a while ago and made a mental note to do this for my kiddos. But did it happen? Nope! Kudos to you for following through on the idea and doing such a great job!

  9. Awesome!! We did these last year! YOURS look AWESOME! I bet she had a blast passing them out!!!!

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