Monday, February 13, 2012

class treats for valentine's day

This past weekend, the teacher sent out an email requesting a parent to take on the task of making a treat for the kiddies (in Lilah's JK class) for Valentine's day. Of course, I only ever volunteer if something sounds doable! Heh! Not only were these doable, but they're so easy peasy it's almost embarrassing!

Lilah loves any kind of 'making', so it was perfect.

These treats are VERY Northern Irish! They're called 'top hats'! Indeed, you're probably rightfully wondering what on earth 'top hats' are, other than those things that are worn on the head! They consist of chocolate, marshmallows and smarties and I am including the easy peasy recipe below.

how to make top hats...
: melt chocolate in a bowl (either in the microwave or in a bowl over boiling water)
: cover bottom of mini cupcake bun case with melted chocolate
: push marshmallow into the melted chocolate
: put a little blob of chocolate on top
: add smartie
: wait for chocolate to harden

Do you think the teacher will ever ask me to do anything again? I feel sorry for her already... 17 children on a sugar high, oh dear!


  1. super adorable and so is your sous chef!


  2. I have one word...."YUMMMMMMM"

    They look so good and Lilah....OH SO CUTE!!! I love her dress and matching headband. She looks totally ready for Valentine's Day. Hope you have a happy one.



  3. They look yummy! And easy!

    Have a great Valentine's Day!

  4. Jill, these are my "get out of jail card" for any party involving kids.......and why not, as they are yummy! You are so right, they are very NI!

  5. Oh my, what a cute little project. I'd invite you back....especially love that you call a cupcake holder a BUN! It sounds much cuter than the American version.

  6. SO CUTE. Those look yummy.

  7. pinterest?? Those are the cutest! So is your little valentine!!!!