Friday, October 22, 2010

she speaks!

holding flower

Talking about deodorant: "Some day when I have smelly arms, I'll use this stuff!"

She asked me one day: "Where's my buying dollars?"

After explaining to her that we tell everybody everything in our family, she said: "We don't have no secrets in our family!"

At the restaurant when we were asked by the waitress if we'd like to sit outside on the patio, Lilah looked up at me and said: "As long as there's no sketo bites!" (mosquitoes or sketo bites as she calls them!)

Lilah was telling me one day that she was sad because she wanted to go back to the hotel we were at when we were on our holidays. So I explained to her that we didn't have enough money to stay at the hotel and go on holidays all the time and that holidays were special and we had to save for them. Several days later it was Auntie Carol's birthday and Lilah 'wrote' a birthday card and gave it to her. That night during her bedtime prayer, she thanked God for Auntie Carol's birthday. After her prayer she opened her eyes and said to me... "Mama, why we not buy Auntie Carol a birthday present? Did we not have 'nuff (enough) money?"

A few days (after the above episode) she said to Colin, as he was heading out the door for work, "Baba, will you make us some money for the hotel?"

She woke up from her afternoon nap one day and said: "I'm all sweaty and hot, like Baba plays soccer!"

I was chopping up an onion one day and the tears were tripping me. Lilah looked at me and said "Are you sad Mama?" I said, "No I'm not sad, it's just the onion making me cry". And then she asked, "Are the onions making you sad?"

If I'm upset she comes over to me, rubs my arm and says "It's otay (okay) Mama, you can have everyfing (everything) you want".

She has a couple of imaginary friends now, Toopie & Binoo. They generally have a lot of fun together, but recently I overheard her saying "They're dead now". So I piped up, as I was a little concerned about this lastest tale, and asked her "What does dead mean Lilah?". She answered, "It's when your heart stops beating!".

Driving past The Beer Store one night, Lilah asked Colin "What's that shop Baba?" He replied something onto the lines that it was bad stuff. She exclaimed "Oh no! People should not be in there!"

holding flower


  1. These are so funny. How do you stand it, she is so stinkin adorable!!

  2. You just never know what to expect her to say next, do you?! She is so funny and adorable. Love these photos with the pop of deep pink, too.

    Gin =)

  3. I always look forward to these posts you do! In all seriousness you will forget most of all this cuteness when they are 11! I hardly remember all the cute things Nate use to say, sad! Your Lilah is one smart cookie.


  4. She is so sweet and says the cutest things! She is very observant and she soaks up so much of what you say and do... good thing you are a great influence.

  5. I love it when you share the lilah-isms, her little mind is so funny!