Thursday, October 7, 2010

fall fall, wonderful fall

gorgeous fall day

It just dawned on me today. This is going to be the last Fall season Lilah and I get to spend together, without the interruption of school and work.

Next September, at 4 years and 3 months old, Lilah starts Junior Kindergarten. Sigh.
And I plan to go back to work again.

I can't explain the feeling I get at the thought of being separated from her. It is painful. But that is a year away and I'm not going to dwell on it right now.

So. I decided we're going to make the most of Fall. Our last Fall together, with no schedules and no responsibilities - well, you know what I mean! Today was gorgeous, a typical bright sunny Fall day, with a warm refreshing wind. We decided to walk to the canal, feed the ducks, visit the children's bookshop and browse the outdoor vegetable market. Meanwhile, soaking up the incredibly beautiful Fall colours and how fortunate we are to be able to spend this precious time together.

If I only get the opportunity to parent this one child, I feel that I am the most incredibly blessed Mama in the whole world. She is more than I ever dreamed possible.


  1. What great pictures! Enjoy each day with that sweet baby girl of yours. I still can remember when my 20 year daughter of mine and me used to hang out each day together having lunch and park dates before she went to kinder. Sweet memories!

  2. Through your blog photos and writing, you often remind me to savor the little things...thank you for that!

    BTW, BEAUTIFUL bokeh in the picture with the red berries!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!!

  4. What a sad thought! I know you'll savour every moment of this fall (but it really does sound like you appreciate every day regardless).

    Amazing bokeh in the berries picture. Simply stunning. I also love that last pic of Lilah where she is looking up at the camera.

    And I must say, you create the best framed / captioned images. Are you a graphic designer or something similar?

  5. oh, I cannot believe she goes to JR K so young :( Tia is 4 years and 3 months right now and just doing 2 day preK ('cause I don't want to let her grow up - boohoo)

    Lovely photos of your super special little girl. Don't you love Fall?

  6. What a beautiful fall day, and of course a beautiful little subject! I know how you feel about going back to work--I too have to go back next fall (sniff, sniff). Isn't it so important to live in the moment that God has given us?! Blessings.

  7. jill, can you email me your address? i have something for lilah i want to send your way! my email is:

  8. These photos are stunning! You certainly are one blessed Mama and it's obvious how much you adore your sweet girl! I LOVE spending lots of with my girl too (I work just 3 days a week) So I already dread the day she starts school. It's funny, in some of these photos I can still defiinitely see Lilah's "baby face" and in some, like the last one, she looks like such a "big girl". Hugs

    Gin =)

  9. Beautiful pictures and post. Enjoy your Lilah, the time does seem to go so quickly doesn't it!

  10. Looks like a beautiful time together. I got all sad reading about your last fall with Lilah. Love these shots too.

  11. They do grow up too fast! But it is also very exciting to see them gain independence too.

    Beautiful pictures of her once again in one amazing outfit. What could be a better backdrop then the colors of fall?

  12. Okay, your pictures make my heart sing! I always look foward to your posts Jill! Knowing its your last Fall is hard isn't it? When Riley started Kindergarten this year I was a little sad...I have always been one to try and celebrate my kids independence as that is my job to help foster, but she was my first baby girl! I am sure I will be a mess when Addison goes!
    Sending you a big HUG!