Wednesday, October 20, 2010

beauteous, golden autumn days

One of the reasons I love this Project 365 is that it puts me in touch with God's creation. I take time to see the intricate detail He has put into everything on our earth. It amazes me and I think it amazes Lilah too.

She was adamant that I take a picture of the flower she is sitting (on her trike) gazing at, in the photo below!


  1. Those nature photos are absolutely breathtaking! Your photography just keeps getting better and better, and of course, God's amazing creation is so beautiful.

    Lilah looks lovely too, I am sure she appreciates the beauty around her, because you do!

  2. I had forgotten about your 365 project! Thanks for the reminder. What a treausre Lilah will have when she is many beautiful photos of her--you can almost see her growing in the photos! (I'm sure you don't want to hear that!)

  3. seriously beautiful photos. when i see this kind of artistry it really makes me wish i had some kind of processing program (lightroom, anything!)

  4. Stunning photography, stunning creation, stunning lil girl!

    Phew now I am all caught up on your blog! I alwasy hate falling behind!


  5. Such beautiful photos. I love the first and the last shot a tiny bit more than the others. But as usual it's hard to pick just a few. You should link up to Black and White Wednesday over att The Long Road To China with that great shot of Lilah on the porch.

    Erika B

  6. Are you kidding me with the cuteness that is Lilah Grace in her outfit? Seriously...that is the cutest outfit combo on the cutest lil peanut!