Thursday, October 21, 2010

"i can't wait for winter to get started!"

new winter coat

"I can't wait for winter to get started!" were the exact words from my Lilah Grace today, when she tried on her new winter coat. I bit my tongue and smiled!

Onto a more pleasant note, we leave for Northern Ireland in 50 days! Yeahhh! Lilah is so excited. She's been telling anybody and everybody that'll give her an ear: "We're going 'home' for Chris-mas!"

Oh, and I'm also going to write soon about where I love to shop. I've had a few questions in the comments section and I've decided a blog post would be a good way of exposing where all Baba's hard earned money goes. Haha - kidding of course - kinda! And I love to talk about clothes and shopping almost as much as I love to talk about food and eating! A lot.

It's been a while since I did a flashback, 'then and now' picture. Today, when I took these pictures of Lilah in her new winter coat, I couldn't help being reminded about the first winter coat we put on our baby girl in China. We were heading to the Temple of Heaven (in Beijing) and our little Guangdong girl was quite obviously not to happy about having to wear layers and face the very chilly air. Pout and all, she's adorable!


  1. Oh I remember that before picture! She so gosh darn cute! Lilah, please don't wish for an early winter in Alberta! I could handle a few more weeks like this :0) The new jacket looks beautiful! Ican't wait to see where you shop.


  2. Yeah! A shopping post! Seriously, we've got a hard working Baba too..who doesn't need to know WHERE we shop :) I think it is more then just about WHERE you shop - I think you've got a niche for layering & accessorizing - if YOU look half as darling as LG, I'll bet you guys turn heads everywhere you go!!

    LOVE the baby picture of Miss Lilah! Such soulful eyes, even at 18 months! WHAT a story she had to tell, even then!

    We are coveting some faux fur around here and we NEED it come winter! But, we can wait. Awhile.

    50 more days - that'll be a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see pictures from that already!!

  3. I want that winter coat! Just so sweet both then and now!

    can't wait for your shopping post.


  4. Love that winter coat... but I would like a little more time before the snow flies!

    I too remember that before photo, still the sweet little face, but she has grown and matured and thrived so much since then.

  5. What a beautiful coat and little face to match! I guess Winter will be on it's way pretty soon.

    Would love to find out where you shop. :)

  6. O.K. We ALL need the brand of that coat!! Of course, we'll never get pictures like yours but one can hope. Please, oh, please do share!


  7. Hi Suzanne!

    I hope you get this message!

    I bought the coat at GAP online.
    Here is the link...

    Jill :)

  8. That coat looks so sweet on Lilah!

  9. So sweet! You know, Jill, I remember very well that photo of Lilah in her pretty jacket and pink hat. That's when I first became hooked on following your girl's adventures and your photography!