Thursday, October 28, 2010

hand prints & fall leaves artwork

hand prints picture

Lilah and I have been enjoying a bit of artwork lately.

I really should make artwork a weekly habit, because Lilah enjoys it so much. She did the 'Fall Leaves' picture a couple of weeks ago and the 'Hand Prints' picture yesterday. Both projects were lots of fun and our sweet Lilah points at the fridge and continually asks us "Did you see my boo-te-ful peek-tures?"


  1. Love those sweet little handprints. Kerry did a similar leaf project last week, too =).

  2. Great projects! You are a brave mama to put up with the mess.

  3. These are fun! You have awesome colors in your leaves this year - ours are just startig.

    I want to see more pictures of your house please?!