Saturday, October 23, 2010

girly-girl cupcakes

pink pink pink

"Pink is my favourite colour!"

It's the new statement we've been hearing from Lilah lately. It started a few weeks ago around Mid-Autumn Moon Festival: We were hanging our Chinese lanterns and I happened to ask her which was her favourite colour. "Pink!" was her response, and that was it. Now all I hear from her is how much she loves pink.

I like pink, don't get me wrong, I buy my fair share of pink. But I don't love *all* things pink. So because of that, I have to tread lightly on what I let her choose and what I choose, when buying. I know, I am one of *those* parents! But really, I don't want everything in her closet to be pink.

We went to the Bulk Barn a few days ago, I wanted to get some sprinkles for Halloween cupcakes we plan to make. While we were there I let Lilah choose the sprinkles she liked and wanted too.

Well, she was jumping for joy today when she found out we were going to make cupcakes and use the pink and purple sprinkles she'd picked out and scooped herself!


  1. Fun! She looks so proud of her cupcakes. We've got a box of mix in the cabinet, guess we need to make cupcakes soon, too.

    Gin =)

  2. Oh, so cute. I love the last shot especially. We can see some crumbs on her sweet little face as she oogles those cute cupcakes. Nice touch dressed in black. ;D

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Such a cute post and oh so yummy cupcakes!

  4. Those look like some pretty tasty pink & purple wonders! Pink is a hard habit to break at our house, Addy doesn't care yet, however Riley won't wear an outfit if she knows I could have bought it in pink instead of the colour I bought!


  5. YUM! Can't wait to see the Halloween coloured cupcakes!

    And, I must say your cupcakes are lovely and even. How do you do that? Mine are always uneven!


  6. I love pink too! After a few boys... you long for pink again! Those cupcakes look really good... my favorite treat.

  7. Oh, YUMMMMMM!

    We've been 'in the pink' for over a year now....slowly moving to orange...oh my.

    Sending you all hugs,

  8. How fun! Baking with the kids makes a bit of a mess, but it's worth it. :)