Friday, June 18, 2010

a princess named lilah

a princess...

Well, it seems to me like Lilah read my blog post yesterday, you know the part that said I thought she was more a cowboys and indians girl. Well, maybe not so much. This afternoon she was upstairs playing in her room while I was cleaning up after lunch.

And then I heard her shout: "MAMA! I'M WEARING MY FANCY SHOES - TUM (COME) AND SEE ME!"

This is exactly what I found when I went upstairs...

a princess...

a princess... a princess... a princess...

a princess...

a princess... a princess... a princess...?

a princess...

after a while piggy had to wear the shoes, which she thought was simply hilarious
and she made me wear the tiara princess headband - which wasn't so funny, seriously
then she asked me to take a 'family picture' of her and piggy, with piggy's mama & baba
all in the life of a princess named Lilah

- thanks so much for the very cute headband Nono & Papie -

[ more pictures here ]


  1. One very pretty little princess and her furry family! LOVE it!
    Lots of huggs going your way granddaughter-miss you soooo muchhhh!
    Nono xxxooo

  2. Too cute... you look especially good in the princess tiara!

  3. I love how you can tell she thinks its just hillarious! She is so sweet!

  4. I love that last picture!