Friday, June 11, 2010

i could write a book on the quirky little things she says...

These are all just from yesterday:

> Lying in the crib with Zachy: "He has blue eyes Mama. Same as Baba."

> Sitting beside me on the couch: "Is your belly okay? Is there a baby in it? No? Are you just pushing it out?"

> After sneezing: "Sounds like I have the cold again."

> When I told her we were going to Tim Hortons: "Sounds like a plan!"

> Talking about a chocolate mini egg: "I did swallowed it down to my belly."

> A conversation about her birth parents: "What is my birth Mama's name? I don't know her yet?"

> Watching me put oxiclean powder onto a stain on her shirt: "Are you sprinkling sugar on it?"

> During her prayers last night: "Thank you God for my birthday. My birthday is on Saturday."

And yes her birthday was on a Saturday, but that Saturday was two weeks ago! In fact, literally the day Lilah turned three she started thanking us for EVERYTHING. I mean she was always a thankful girl, but this is different, it's reached a point where Colin and I have both said it kinda makes us feel bad. When I put on her clothes in the morning she thanks me for each of her items of clothing, she thanks me for putting each of them on her and she thanks me for buying them for her. This is just a small example, but all day it is the same story with everything we do. Maybe it's just a phase.

Check out her concentration in these pictures. This girl of ours, she can totally engage herself in something and forget about the rest of the world - when she feels like it, of course! She worked away with this little pile of sand for about 10 minutes, just chattering away to herself, making her cookie/castle/mountain/birthday cake. She couldn't make up her mind what it was she was making when she came to tell me about it - she sure is my daughter!

the park the park the park the park the park the park


  1. Trust me, the thankful stage DOES NOT last. Not that they aren't thankful, but they eventually forgot to express it!

    I almost thought she was doing Tai Chi or something before I saw the sand.

  2. Oh, and I forgot... you're welcome!!!!

  3. Anonymous11 June, 2010

    I thought the same as Paige. I thought she was doing some karate! lol

    I love her deep concentration on her artwork she building. She's a cutie for sure!

  4. That's all in one day?! Her sayings are very unique and adorable!

    Just remember this thankful stage when she's an ungrateful teenager (if she succumbs to that seemingly inevitable phase). She really does sound like such a joy.

  5. Haha! I never noticed until it was pointed out.. She looks like she's doing some serious martial arts moves alright!!


  6. Hmm, maybe she's hinting that she'd like a baby brother? She says some pretty "big" things for such a little girl. Love these photos. I think it's when our girls are concentrating (which they both seem to be good at) that they remind me most of each other.

    Gin =)