Thursday, June 24, 2010

born in china

"Piggy was born in China. He was in my belly and he couldn't open his mouth,
so he got food through my belly button." ~ Lilah


  1. That is too cute... was piggy "born" in China? She will be a great mommy some day.

    Just a side note... Lilah and Zoe are 19 days apart in age and Jie (meaning pure) stuck out to me to as being perfect since she will be a Jie Jie and Lilah's middle name is Mei. Blows my mind how these things work.

  2. No Paige, Piggy was born in Ireland! Nono mailed him over.

    He is very much the victim of a lot of role play at the moment though. :) It is cute. Actually, a few weeks ago I overheard her telling him that she was taking him to the orphanage because she couldn't keep him any more. It kinda made my heat stop beating for a few seconds and wonder if I'd done the right thing telling her so much. Oh well, I acted like I didn't hear what was going on and haven't heard her mention it since.

    She loves that Piggy so much!

    Regarding your girls names. I am still amazed at that tiny detail that just makes it so perfect - I knew you'd named your Lilah, Lilah Mei. It is SO amazing how God works out the little details, even the tiny tiny assure you, His way is perfect. I'm SO thrilled He added Zoe to your family!



    she says the cutest things.ever.

  4. Does she shove him up her shirt yet? Not that the Tongginator did any of that or anything. *wink*