Friday, June 25, 2010

a musical ride by the rcmp

This evening we went to the Sunset Ceremony Musical Ride that is put on by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It was a perfect evening and we really enjoyed the outdoor show. We also bumped into two sets of friends and ended up going to Dairy Queen for ice-cream after the show - such a great night with wonderful friends! It was a very fun evening!

And the highlight of Lilah's night was most definitely going out for ice-cream! However, she also loved hugging the RCMP mascot. She walked right up to him and swung her arms around the big belly and put her cheek into his fur. (I totally missed that photo!) The mascot hugged her back and then picked her up and held her - she talked about how he picked her up for quite some time after!


  1. We went tonight. Zachy really enjoyed it:) It was a nice time!

  2. I would love to see them perform sometime. Lilah looked like she didn't even mind being picked by a strange and large animal! And of course, Piggy is right there with her!