Tuesday, June 1, 2010

my camera and editing software

**updated : question answered below**

I get questions about what camera and editing software I use for my photos. I hope this helps...

I shoot with a Canon EOS Rebel Xsi. Nice basic run-of-the-mill digital slr camera that you can even pick up in Costco. In fact, I got a flyer last week and it was in there, along with a $100 discount! I have two lens, one came as part of my camera kit, it's an 18-55mm and I bought another lens which is the 55-250mm. I love both lens, but to be honest, I use the 18-55mm the most. If I were to do it all over again I would just have bought the 18-200mm lens, then I wouldn't have to swap and change so much. Maybe sometime!

I use a few editing programs. My nearest and dearest is my Photoshop CS3. Now dear knows, I cannot do a thing in there myself yet, seriously, even though I've had the software for a while, I just can't seem to get the time to learn what to do. BUT, editing is made easy by women who do know what to do and they have created these things called 'actions', and even better, they're free! So yes, actions are my new best friend!

My favourite actions come from The Pioneer Woman. I love her website, her stories, her recipes and her photography, I'm a huge fan. I also really like Coffee Shop actions, Rita has a great variety and you can pick and choose what you like. They're so much fun.

I've created a set of photos here, on flickr. I used mostly the same rose photo I captured today and edited it using different actions. Each of the photos have been named according to the action I've used. I've also added some photos below, if you hover your mouse over each one, the action name will pop up.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Roses: butterscotch vintage Roses: acidify Roses: attic vintage Roses: vivid (soft) Roses: johnna's tea party Roses: cross processing again Roses: seventies Roses: soft autumn Roses: vintage blush Roses: cross processing Roses: sun kissed Roses: boost


Question from Caren: 'how do I get an aged postcard look as seen in this post?'

I previously mentioned I use a few editing programs, however I only mentioned one of them, Photoshop. Another of my favourite editing software programs is PhotoScape. PhotoScape is a FREE software program you can download from the internet. All my frames, text, round edges and multi-photo combination grids/pages are done using this software program. It is brilliant and it is, in fact, a very easy program to use. I use it way more than Photoshop.

So to get the aged look, I use PhotoScape. In this program you choose the photo you want to edit and then click on 'filter' then click on 'antique photo' and there are seven options. They are all unique and lovely, and it really just depends on your photo as to which suits best. I have added all seven below using my rose picture as an example again. If you hover your mouse over the photos, you will see that I have also numbered them according to the antique filter I used.

Thanks Caren, I'm glad you asked that question!

Roses: antique 1

Roses: antique 2 Roses: antique 3 Roses: antique 4
Roses: antique 5 Roses: antique 6 Roses: antique 7

[ all pictures here ]


  1. Anonymous01 June, 2010

    First of all, I wanted to say that I have followed your blog since you were in China. You have a lovely family!

    Back on April 26th you posted a picture that looked sort of like an aged postcard. How did you do that?

    Thank you!


  2. Beautiful! I especially like the second one on the top row.

    Gin =)

  3. I have tried PSE and PS5 and am so frustrated with both! Lightroom is so much easier, but so much more limited! If only I had more time...

  4. Thanks! I cannot wait to play with photoscape :) I'm with Paige, photoshop overwhelms me! You are a great inspiration - I Love your photography :)

    ps I can't see the numbers when I hover my mouse, I think 'cause I have a iMac?

  5. Ellie, you are an inpiration to me! Your photography is amazing.

    I never even thought that iMac or possibly even different browsers may not get the name/number when you hover over with the mouse.

    The only way I can see around that is actually clicking on the photo. You will be taken to my flickr photostream and the name/number will be above each of the photos.

    Sorry about that.

  6. Okay, one more.... photoscape... I would love to try it, but does it work with Mac? From what I see it doesn't... do you know?

  7. Hmm. I don't have a Mac.

    I just checked the PhotoScape webpage and it just says "This software is Microsoft Windows compatible".


  8. AWESOME post! Thanks. I just downloaded a bunch of actions. Hopefully I'll get to them soon. I use PhotoImpactPro10 because it's just so darn user friendly and does most everything I want. Recently, however, I am seeing limitations. I think I'll have to download PhotoScape!!! Great, Great, Great post!!! THANKS.

  9. Just stepping into the "photography realm" and have to say I LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY! I dont comment much, but I enjoy looking at different photographs of your beautiful Lilah Grace! I will definitely download PHOTOSCAPE! Thank you so much!