Tuesday, March 16, 2010

yes indeed, it's a wee leprechaun!

Yesterday Lilah and I made some St Paddy's Day cupcakes.

Colin and I are originally from the North of Ireland, we're not Irish, but we're pretty close, a few miles north of the border close.

Either way, we'll celebrate this holiday, even if we're a few days early and even if it's just for the cupcakes! Because we're ALL about the cupcakes in this house! And it's been far too long since we made cupcakes together, which I think is the real reason we broke down and made them a few days early. That and we needed a project!

Here's our wee leprechaun, with frosting on her lips, proving she's indulged herself already! When she said "Not tell Baba" to me, (regarding eating a cupcake), I thought to myself 'good luck girly - like he won't notice the bright green frosting on your lips'! Heh!

wee leprechaun wee leprechaun wee leprechaun wee leprechaun wee leprechaun wee leprechaun

[ more pictures here ]


  1. I love that first picture... how cute is she in her HUGE bow tie and LITTLE green hat! I agree... any day you can have cupcakes is worth celebrating!

  2. Adorable pictures - and cute cupcakes too! Happy St. Patricks Day! I had forgotten about it (and it is today in Australia :)

  3. Lilah's the cutest little leprechaun I ever did see!! ...and those are some pretty YUMMY looking cupcakes, too! ;)


  4. This is the cutest St Patrick's day picture ever!

    My kiddos woke up to some coins in their sneakers and rainbow glitter sprinkled over them this morning:-). Sophie asked how a little leprechaun could make it up the stairs to do this..lol!

    Smiles all around:-)


  5. Cute leprechaun and cute girls!!!! :-)
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  6. Those cupcakes look so good. Lilah looks so cute!