Wednesday, March 3, 2010

bedtime prayers

It's absolutely beautiful listening to Lilah pray.

Most nights her prayers are the regular routine: grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, children in the orphanage, birth parents, etc. But then there's the odd night that she changes it up and she makes us smile or stifle a giggle, because she's just so cute and funny.

Like the night she prayed for Mama's jammies and Baba's jammies and Lilah's jammies.
And the night she prayed for baby Zachy's book.
And the night she prayed for the mannequins.

But tonight she topped them all, tonight she prayed for Costco & Home Depot!

I adore my girl!

March 1st


  1. Oh for CUTE! There is noth'in sweeter than hearing your child pray... even for COSTCO and Home Depot! Hey, COSTCO sells the camera pkg that you have...maybe I should check it out now and see if they have a good deal wait'in for me...all thanks to the prayers of your baby girl!! ;)


  2. How cute! I love the way her little mind funny and so sweet. Beautiful photo, too.


  3. Hello !!
    I am writing from France. Just to say that your daughter is very beautiful and your photos are really, really wonderful !!! We can see all your love on your pictures !! Bravo à vous !!

  4. Hey, who isn't thankful for Costco? ;)

    They give food samples out for hungry little shoppers, they sell pizza, hot dogs AND ice cream sundaes!

    Can't wait until Sylvie adds her own little take on her prayers.

  5. I know I am thankful for Costco! I need to buy in bulk for my family and spend way too much money there... It is a gorgeous picture of a gorgeous girl. I love it! The best prayer of all is the day they ask Jesus into their hearts... THAT will bring you to tears.