Thursday, March 11, 2010

no more 'mini-moons'

gymnastics - mini moons

Yesterday was Lilah's final day of Mini-Moons at Starr Gymnastics.

It was also 'parents day'. A day for family members to watch their little ones do their program. Baba joined us today and Lilah was THRILLED, absolutely ecstatic in fact, in a show-offy kinda way! Which resulted in her having a major case of wobbles on the balance beam. Haha!

Lilah absolutely LOVES gymnastics. She asks me almost every single day of the week if it's gymnastics day. That's how much she loves it. And dear help me if I put her 'gymnastics clothes' on any day other than gymnastics day. I get asked all day long if we're going to gymnastics!

Goodbye 'Mini-Moons'. Goodbye Flyin' Phil. We'll miss you and your cute silly songs!

Now Lilah will join the 'Komet Kids' group and I get to sit, watch and enjoy from the sidelines. Which is a little sad, because I actually enjoyed the hands-on part; running around after her, coaching her through her routine, it was great exercise.

Like Coach Phil always says "If you do it, they'll do it". How true.

gymnastics - mini moons

gymnastics - mini moons

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun! I have been waiting to put our Lilah in activities and think I will in the fall. She is very clingy right now and I am not sure she will cooperate.... did you go through a stage like that?

  2. Yay! Great job, Lilah. How fun!

  3. Hi Paige!

    Lilah does prefer us over anyone else, however she is quite a social girl which gives her that confidence to step outside her comfort zone. And I find that the more familiar she is with something or in a situation, the more confidence she gains!

    This is her second program with Mini-Moons and in this class I'm with her the full 45 minutes. The Komet Kids program will be new where she has to do her routines by instruction in a group setting without me. I think she'll be fine though.

    The only thing that kinda worries me is the new instructor/coach, it'll be new and different for Lilah and I find she's a very sensitive child. She adored Flyin' Phil. He has a great way with kids. Very positive and firm.