Thursday, March 25, 2010

parenting lessons


She isn't always a little angel, even though you or I might think she is!

I don't know what's going on with Lilah at the moment. She was never a tantrum thrower and I can count on one hand how many times she's been mad. Sure she shows us 'attitude' when she's scolded...that's what she calls it! But this past few days it's been different. She cries at the silliest things imaginable, then a few minutes later she's all happy happy.

I know she's working on her top two 'second molars'. One of them is about a quarter way through the gum, but she assures me they aren't hurting her. And believe me, she lets me know if anything is painful. Like myself, her pain threshold is pretty low!

When you parent a child who has an unknown story for those first 18 months of her life, you do tend to over think things, second guess yourself, wonder deep down if there's something else going on in her little mind. Something I can't figure out. Something she can't express. Maybe some part of her history.

She's smart, she doesn't forget easy. I have no doubt in my mind that she still remembers some aspects of China. When I show her this picture of the SWI staff holding her, she always asks me, "Where's Mama & Baba?".

It's hard work, it sometimes makes me worry my head off, but I guess that's all part of parenting. And the rewards are pretty huge!


me and my girl


  1. Great light in those photos! It is hard, I second guess everything, especially after having bio kids... I also compare everything, for me and for her! It will be interesting as they grow to see how much they really do remember. I love the halo... she is an angel, but trust me, they always go through stages where they decide to try testing things again.... hmmmm.... maybe now I can get away with it....

  2. I so agree with you here Paige.

    I really do believe she is just pushing things and testing the limits. Just to make sure we are consistent!

    We've been through it a couple of times before, and I'm sure we'll be going through it again! Many times!


  3. Oh bless her little heart and yours. They all have periods of ups and downs. But I know what you mean about wondering about the first part of their lives.


  4. Ok I feel like I've missed so many posts.... you are so good about posting each day!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the gorgeous photos of Miss Lilah.

    I love all of the things you said because it is all things that I have felt or feel.
    Each age seems to have its own set of ups and downs. I know a lot of it is normal age STUFF but I also wonder at times if it comes from the beginning of their life.

  5. Those photos are adorable! And I had to ask myself if maybe I'm cutting molars because I've been really grumpy lately too.

    I know what you mean about overthinking things when it comes to our adopted kids. I try to be consistent and not really dwell on their "history" because I can't remember anything from my own infancy and I'm sure my girls can't remember anything specific from their either. But that doesn't mean that their early experiences didn't imprint on them in some way. I know it was far from the ideal place to spend the first year or two of their life but I'm hoping there was no abuse. As long as there was basic kindness, I'm pretty sure there won't be lingering effects. So far, so good but I'm still always looking for "signs" and I'm afraid that if I look hard enough and long enough, I'll eventually find something. Even if it wasn't really there. But how do you stop looking? Like you said, you worry your head off.

    Sigh... But the rewards ARE huge!

    And it helps that they have halos and make the sweetest silly faces!

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  6. I know what you mean. I'm always questioning whether Kerry's tantrums/ crying jags are simply a normal toddler thing or something deeper. I agree with Paige, maybe she's at a stage where she's decided it might be safe to test some limits. And it's possible that she's experiencing some new self awareness as she grows and is feeling things differently right now. Wouldn't you love to know just what's going on in their little heads, somedays? But like you said, they are so worth it. These photos are adorable, and the lighting, as usual, is beautiful. And what a great photo of Mama and Daughter.

    Gin =)

  7. I LOVE the pictures!!! And congrats to the Newest Canadian! I was very happy when Wen got her citizenship card, and not just because we had cake to celebrate!


  8. I just caught up on your lovely blog:0)I laughed at some of you funny stories about Lilah:0) Congrats on the newest little Canadian Citizen! I loved the cucakes! And testing.....yup thats tough! This too shall pass....into another test!tee hee:0) Your a great Mom Jill!Have a wonderful weekend