Sunday, March 14, 2010

"it's luvey day"

Lilah woke up this morning and announced "It's luvey day", to which Colin and I snorted and smiled. I'm not sure if she heard the rain battering against her bedroom window!

She's caught on though, because almost every day for the past few weeks we've been saying exactly's a lovely day. And truly the weather has been superb, considering the norm for this time of year. And today was no exception, we really did need that rain to wash away the winter salt and dirt.

Lilah was dying to get out and jump in a few puddles, with her umbrella of course. So after her nap we walked up to Starbucks together. While we were sitting there (by the window), we were chatting about how the people walking by (outside) were getting wet, so I explained to her how a roof keeps us dry. I said there are roofs on houses and roofs on cars to keep us dry. She quickly pointed to her umbrella and said "That's Lilah's wee roof!". Only of course it sounded more like "Dat's Yiya's yee roof!". {*grin*}

[ more pictures here ]


  1. Jill, I love the first picture! The composition with the shovels and sled is great! And the colors too... We still have snow and dirt here, but it is melting slowly! It is great to get outside again!

  2. Her wee roof is adorable:)