Friday, January 16, 2009

they say i'm cute, who am i to argue?

they say i'm cute, who am i to argue?

Lilah had her first doctors appointment today. Nothing major, we just needed a few referrals, and while we were there she was weighed and measured. Can you believe she has put on 3 pounds in 5 weeks, actually 3 weeks, because she didn't eat in China.

Anyway, our doctors office just happens to be in the Real Canadian Superstore, and really, I couldn't have planned it any better myself! So after visiting the doctor we checked out the new spring line of 'Joe' kids fashion. Yes, it was hard to say no to that sweet little stripy sailor dress. Maybe it was more wishful thinking, hoping for the spring season to arrive already!

Gosh she's cute! I wouldn't normally dress her in nautical theme clothes in the middle of winter, but I had to make sure it fit her, and I was changing her diaper anyway, and then she didn't want to take it off. So there you have it, enough excuses already! More pictures here.

I love her so so so much, she's such a sweet and happy girl. I count my blessings every day.


  1. I just found your blog off of another and I just have to say congratulations on your beautiful daughter!!! She is absolutely adorable!!!

  2. You are truly blessed ... she's a star!
    Must have a big catch-up email soon ... lots of news. have you checked your email on Facebook lately? I sent one a week or two back to see if you had received a gift from me. Just wondered if it had arrived, if not, I'll have to contact the post office.
    Love to gorgeous Lilah!

  3. Who could argue with that gorgeous little face? Love the outfit. i think we could get into real trouble if we ever shopped together!


  4. Whoever "they" are is right!!! She's very cute! And love the outfit - she looks adorable.

  5. Definitely our cutie-pie.
    Just LOVE the stripy sailor dress.
    Lilah looks so pretty in it.
    Enjoying the lovely photos.
    LOVE to ALL mom & dad xxx

  6. I love that she's already a little fashionista and has great taste! That dress is adorable on her. Great find!

  7. Jill, she's just precious. I love her sailor outfit and all the kisses she was blowing to the camera! Superstar!! Her hair is growing so quickly too; what a nice cut and shape in the back. Gosh, she's just a doll baby. Keep enjoying the simplest of moments. You (both) and daughter...deserve it! Hugs...Sarah and Miss Eliza