Monday, January 12, 2009

ssh, guess who's sleeping all night long?

daddy's girl

Yes, I am so very very happy to announce that our sweet girl is sleeping all through the night, 9pm to 7am, 10 hours to be exact! Alone, in her own crib, in her own room! Not even a peep! I was afraid to mention it after the first night, but now that it's happened two nights in a row, I feel compelled to post about it! Did I mention how happy I am?!

She has also learned her first sign! I borrowed a sign language book from our adoption agency's library last week and taught myself the sign language for hungry, more, bottle, cookie and bath. Anyway, I'm not really good at remembering to sign as I say the word, and I think I signed 'more' to her about two times that day. Well, the next day we were playing together and I was building up the stacking cups for Lilah to knock down. It's a great game, especially when they all come crashing down and scatter across the floor! Anyway, Lilah tries to knock them down when I only stack two, so I was saying to her, "wait until mama puts more on top". She looked at me and tapped her fingers together to sign the word 'more'. Oh yes, there is no doubt, I am a very proud mama!


  1. There is nothing as angelic as a sleeping toddler ;)

  2. Congratulations! Your daughter is very pretty. I´m from Spain, and my older daugther is from Yangdong SWI too. She is with us since 2004. She is 5 years now. (Sorry, my english is very bad) Your blog and your pictures are beautiful. I´ll try to see it sometimes.
    Love, Olga.

  3. That is fabulous news! Yeah! I hope it continues. I too used signing with Kate. They pic it up so quickly and it stimulates the language part of their brain. Even though Kate is super verbal now, she will still sign, please and more as she says the words.

    I love Lilah's true and so stylish!

    You should be proud.


  4. YIPPEEEEE... Oh life is so wonderful when they sleep through the night!

    Way to go on the sign language.