Tuesday, January 6, 2009

my first cold and maybe a new tooth too

doesn't everyone do this?

It didn't take long, but it seems Lilah has caught her first Canadian cold, she's been sneezing all day. She also has a nice little rosy patch on her left cheek and is slobbing too, which is very unusual, so I think she is cutting a tooth to boot. She is being really good about it all though, she is still our silly happy girl! She was patting her cheek with her hand tonight so I gave her the boo boo buddy from the freezer and showed her how to put it on her cheek to cool it off. She thought it was a little game, but I think it helped a bit. I just bathed her and put her into her crib, she felt it very necessary to wear sunglasses while drinking her bottle tonight...of course! It took forever to drink that bottle, do you have any idea how hard it is to drink a bottle when you can't breathe through your nose! Here are more pictures of her from today, mostly of her in the little car my co-workers bought her, and also a few of her standing on her baba's feet while he walks. It's a fun new game! I remember doing it as a child too!

Today we dropped by and visited our adoption agency (Children's Bridge), Cathy in particular. As we were driving there I was thinking about how she 'matched' our little family. She could have matched Lilah with another family, but it was meant to be ours and we are deeply thankful for her involvement in making our little forever family. It was so nice to see her and the team, and for them to meet Lilah.

I also forgot to blog about Lilah's first Church appearance! On Sunday morning past she was out to Church with us for the first time and she did very well. We were very proud of her, long may the good behaviour continue! The only thing that kinda upset her was the singing, which surprised me, because she loves music and singing! Oh well, maybe she feels we just need a bit more practice in that department!


  1. Awww, I'm sorry that she's got a cold and/or cutting a tooth. Those are not fun days, but I'm glad that she's in good spirits still. Eliza always got a rosey patch on her right cheek when she was cutting a tooth. Didn't matter what side of her mouth the tooth was coming in, that patch was always on her right cheek...must've been a nerve spot. Anyway, Miss Lilah is adorable and so stylin in her glasses! Beautiful!! Brings tears to my eyes to see how happy she is now w/ her mama and baba. Hugs, Sarah

  2. I hope little Lilah feels better soon. Isn't it amazing how the prefect chid "finds" your family?


  3. Poor Lilah!! its not nice having the cold!! but she looks pretty cool drinking her bottle with the shades on!!! Love the pic of her in the car and the one with colin. You are going to get Colin to take some of you!!!

    Thinking of you all often here in frosty Glenanne.

    Glad she did well on Sunday morning im sure you were both very proud of her.

    Love to all


  4. Colin, Jill and Lilah

    Awwww she's looking happier and happier as the days go by. Reading back on your blogs, you guys have a lot of time to make up!
    Cant wait until you pay a visit over to see your family Jill, so we can meet the new addition :)

    John, Ruth, Rachael, Amy Campbell :) xx

  5. The singing Oh no! :) Hope she feels better soon!