Thursday, January 15, 2009

our little inventive ice skater

our little skater

On Monday past we took Lilah to the Rideau Canal Skateway. It is the world's largest skating rink (in the winter time), and it's just a few blocks from where we live. It seems Lilah has picked up a few tips after spending a bit of time there! She's ready to go back any day soon wearing her nice colourful IKEA beaker skates! Her little inventions are just too funny! She also got to taste her first beaver tail pastry which of course was yummy. We are definitely all about the food! More pictures from today here, and a few from yesterday here.


  1. Oh my goodness. She is so cute. it sounds as though you are really enjoying sharing all the sights and foods of your home tow with Lilah. How fun.


  2. That's very creative of her! And that outfit is adorable!!

  3. She just gets cuter every day!

    I see you stopped by my friend, Cindy's blog -- she's such a lovely person. I'm hoping we can see them again over our boys' spring break from school.

    I can only imagine how cold it is there, and how much snow you have -- it's awful here in Michigan, I am SO ready to drive south!

    Now I need to go and find out what a "beaver tail pastry" is!