Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my first trip to the library

I feel dizzy...books books and more books

Well, lets just say our first trip to the library was a change of scenery, and to be honest, Lilah prefered to play with the few toys that were there than look at the books! She must think she has enough books at home! I asked about registering for 'toddlertime', but it was full, maybe next season.

A funny story... I showed Lilah one of the books with a picture of these little yellow fluffy ducks. When I told her they were ducks she looked at it and did the sign language for bath! I had to laugh! The ducks in the book sure don't look like her bath ducks! I just thought it was funny that she linked the ducks and the bath together in her little mind! You can see more photos from today here.


  1. I love her looking up at the books. I love to take the peanuts to the library...we are regulars:)

  2. That is such a cute picture! Sounds like she had fun even if it wasn't by reading. My niece also associated ducks with taking a bath - and she also associated being at my house to taking a bubble bath, even if the were only stopping in for a minute or two! I usually give in and indulge her since she has so much fun! :-)

  3. Good Morning from Atlanta, Georgia Lilah!

    The library is wonderful. I take my grandchildren there all the time! They really enjoy reading about you.
    Their names are Caleb, he's 10, Julien he's 7, Ilana she's 5 and Sadie she's 3.
    They are studing adoption and China in their homeschool class I teach them. I could take their pictures and send them to you if you'd like.

    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Have a beautiful fun day with Mommie.

    Miss Lila in Atlanta
    also known as Nannie

  4. Looks like she was having fun! I haven't taken my kids to the library in a long time... I should start up again, they really enjoy it too, like Lilah though - they'd rather play with the toys than read the books!


  5. Oh, I love the "first at the...." things....It's the best. My girls are now doing ballet (3rd time just yesterday) and you should have seen my face...So happy that I'm "living my dream" as our friend,K, would say...

    :) Have Fun!!


  6. I just LOVE this photo of her in the Library!!!