Wednesday, January 28, 2009

starr gymnastics

under the rainbow!

Lilah attended her first gymnastics class today, although it may not seem like it from the cute clothes she's wearing! She received the outfit as a pressie in the mail yesterday from nono & papie, thanks mum & dad, it's beautiful. From the moment she put it on, she loved it, headband and all! As soon as she woke this morning she pointed at it and grunted, and I just knew the pre-planned (boring) gym outfit wasn't going to make the cut.

Anyway, all that to say she loved the gymnastics class and had sooo much fun. I was a bit pessimistic when I was registering her, but I was wrong - I think it's probably the first time! The highlights of the class were the trampoline, rolling down the 'hill', crawling under the rainbows and doing handstands (with a lot of help from me!).

There was also a little girl in the class that Lilah liked a lot, she got a lot of smiles from Lilah. Most of the time she is oblivious to other children, and then, all out of the blue, one of them will strike her fancy. I would just love to know what's going through her little mind. There are more pictures from today here, I seemed to miss all the laughs and smiles unfortunately.


  1. Is that a head band she has on? Too cute!

  2. Yes, it is a crochet headband. My Mum sent a couple of them from Ireland, although there is a sticker on them says 'Made in China'! :)

  3. I am just getting caught up on your recent posts. Lilah is so adorable... oh she is just wonderful.

    I loved looking at all of your lovely photos as well.

    Lily was looking at the pictures with me and noticed we have the same red lantern. I told her that Lilah is from the same place that she is and she said, "MOM, that is a special thing and that little girl is really nice."
    I couldn't agree more!