Monday, June 10, 2013

soccer fanatic!

Quite a while back, amid a chat about Phebe's heart condition, Lilah spoke up from the backseat of the car and announced that Baba and Phebe might be alike since they were both born with a heart condition... however, she also had a special kinship with her Baba, since she and Baba both wear eyeglasses!

Let me tell you, my big girl is always two steps ahead of us! Her mind is always on overdrive.

Well now she can add another kinship to that growing list of likenesses to her Baba Boy, as we have another soccer fanatic in the house! And according to her (very biased) Baba, she's pretty good at it too.

And dear knows, she's on the 'blue team' too... can it get any better than that?! I doubt it, not in the life of this energetic-enthusiastic-blue-lovin' 6 year old.

the newest soccer fanatic in our house!


  1. I love this! I love how she is making her own connections on how she is apart of the family. So sweet!

  2. Sweet! I love that she's finding all of the things she and her Baba have in common.

    Gin =)

  3. I do love the things that she says! I bet she is pretty good at soccer too!

  4. Lilah strikes me as a very thoughtful little girl :)

    Is football big in Canada? I didnt realise that! But how wonderful for Miss Lilah to enjoy such an energetic sport.

    Mark is a huge MAN U fan, of course being from that are originally....he insists that Gracie must get the new strip each season :D