Sunday, June 16, 2013

baba to two girls, this year!

Two of his greatest blessings, call him Baba! And he could not be more proud.

We love you SO much Baba Boy.
Happy Baba's Day!

Father's Day - 2013

Lilah's precious artwork, made just for her Baba Boy!

father's day 2013 father's day 2013


  1. Another lovely photo Jill....and this year "twice" the father!!!

    Have always wondered where "baba" come from? Its not an Irish slang word is it? I rememember my Granny back in NI calling a baby, a "baba" :)

    1. Debbie - So funny you say that, because you're right, we do call babies in Ireland the wee baba or the wee ba! Haha!
      And just to clear up the confusion... Baba is also the Chinese name for Daddy! :)

  2. Happy Father's Day to Colin! It is a special year, with another precious daughter home!